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Water Flosser Pro


WaterBreeze Pro Level Clean is a versatile countertop water flosser that will fulfill all you and your family’s dental needs, representing a new generation of minimal and stylish design along with reliable functionalities.

Equipped with five unique dental tips and a 2-in-1 smart control, the Pro Level Clean meets all types of oral care needs and has a wide selection of water pressure to fit your personal liking while emitting minimum noise when under operation.

Product size: 185mmx116mmx195mm
Product net weight: 520g
Components: main body / nozzlesx5
Water tank capacity: 600mL
Work modes: 10 pressure settings
Water jet pulse: 1250±20% times/min
Pressure range: 20-120 psi
Input parameters: DC12V , 1.5A
Noise: lower than 75 decibels
Waterproof grade: IPX4

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